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Reptasia is a rapidly growing local reptile specialist shop in Farnborough/North Camp!

We strive to provide top quality reptiles, equipment and food with an inclusive aftercare service. We also provide advice on how to handle/care for your reptiles.

We stock a large variety of food for all of your reptiles tastes and needs.

Reptasia is proud of our large variation of spectacular reptiles; Including lizards, snakes, amphibians, tortoise and Inverts

Our staff will ensure your reptiles will live happy, healthy lives by making sure you have all the correct equipment that your reptile needs to fulfill its natural behaviour safely whilst keeping their welfare as top priority.

We will be happy to answer any questions regarding your reptiles well-being and health.

We are renowned to have an amazing customer loyalty program which gives you credit with every £1 you spend. When you keep 500 points on your account at all times you receive an extra 5% off thermostats, starters, bulb holders, everything with a plug!

We look forward to meeting you and sharing reptile stories for hours on end!


Products & Services

We have a range of products and services to ensure that you have everything you need for looking after a reptile!




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Housing and Decor

Hygiene & Health

Hygiene and Health

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01252 371111

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34-36 Peabody Road, Farnborough. GU14 6EY.

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